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Effective Drainage and Insulation for all House Bases in Hisingen

Drainage is fundamental for all types of house foundations in Hisingen. Properly designed drainage is based on both the type of house foundation and the local soil conditions. By applying the right drainage and insulation methods, you can effectively solve moisture problems for any type of property.

Causes of moisture problems in Hisingen

Several factors contribute to moisture problems in buildings. Historically, the use of inadequate building materials and insufficient knowledge has led to poor construction solutions including the incorrect use of asphalt to seal basement foundation walls. This approach has often resulted in moisture being trapped in the walls, increasing the risk of moisture damage as large amounts of moisture can be introduced from the ground directly into the foundation and floor of the house.

Consequences of Inefficient Drainage Inadequate drainage leads to inward moisture migration from the ground to the house foundation, which is exacerbated by high moisture levels in areas of high water use, such as basements where showers and laundry rooms are often located. This contributes to a humid climate in the basement and can lead to extensive damage.

The location of the house and the characteristics of the soil play a decisive role in how much load the drainage system has to handle. Poorly functioning or completely non-functioning drainage systems combined with leaking stormwater pipes are common problems that need to be addressed.

Solutions for Drainage in Hisingen

To effectively protect properties from moisture, comprehensive moisture protection must include drainage, thermal insulation and capillary break. These components ensure that moisture migrates outwards from the building foundation to the ground, which is crucial for long-term protection against moisture damage.

In Hisingen, we specialize in providing comprehensive drainage and insulation solutions that protect your property effectively and sustainably. Contact us to secure your home against moisture and water-related damage.

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The different functions of the drainage system

Do you need a reliable drainage solution for your home in Hisingen? Our drainage systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of each house foundation. In addition, thanks to our expertise, we can effectively protect your property from harmful groundwater.

Basic Features of the Drainage System:

First of all, the drain line and the drainage layer under the floor play a critical role in keeping the groundwater level away from your house foundation. At the same time, the outer drainage layer works to prevent sinking soil water from wetting the foundation wall. This two-part protection is essential to keep your home dry and safe.

The drainage column – the heart of the system:

Our drainage column contains the highest quality gravel (dimension 8/11 or 11/16), which effectively removes moisture and water from your property. In addition, the drainage pipes are strategically placed to carry the drainage water away, either to a municipal connection, a private cistern or most often to a private stormwater well, which is directly connected to the municipality’s pipeline system.

Protection and Maintenance:

It is worth noting that both the drainage layer and the drainage pipes are protected by a soil fiber cloth. The function of this cloth is to filter out sediment and soil particles, eliminating the need for regular flushing or cleaning of the system. Thanks to this smart filter, we can also reuse existing soils such as clay, sand and till, reducing both costs and environmental impact. However, it is important that larger stones are not backfilled close to the drainage layer or insulation slabs to avoid damage.

Capillary breaking technology:

Furthermore, our capillary-breaking insulation boards are designed to prevent soil moisture from reaching the foundation walls. These materials are not vapor-tight, allowing the foundation wall to breathe and dry out effectively, even after external thermal insulation.

Why choose Lorné Mark & Fastighetsservice AB in Hisingen? With our extensive experience and constant monitoring of technical innovations, we use professional methods and the highest quality materials, such as Isodrän and Pordrän, to ensure that your drainage works long and well. We are committed to our work all year round, with breaks only during extremely cold periods with deep frost.

Take advantage of our expertise in Hisingen to secure your property with a first-class drainage solution!

Do you need drainage work done in Hisingen?

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Step-by-step guide: How to perform drainage in Hisingen to protect your property

Proper drainage is crucial to protect the foundations of buildings from water damage in Hisingen. The process starts by carefully digging a trench around the house down to a level adapted to ensure stability and reduce the risk of subsidence.

Preparation for Drainage: To increase safety during the work, it is recommended to dig one side at a time. This approach is safer than digging around the whole house at once, although it can be more time-consuming. By taking these precautions, we minimize the risk of causing damage to the structure of the house.

Installation of the drainage system: Once the excavation is completed, a bed of drainage gravel is laid in the bottom of the excavation. This gravel plays a critical role in effectively diverting soil water away from the house foundation. Perforated drainage pipes are then placed on top of the gravel. These pipes are carefully customized to the unique conditions of the property to ensure optimal performance.

Water diversion: Usually, the collected water is diverted from the drainage pipes to a nearby stormwater well or a specially constructed cistern. Using these methods ensures that any soil water is effectively managed and does not pose a risk to the property.

Investing in a well-executed drainage is a wise decision for all property owners in Hisingen. It not only protects your property from potential water damage, but also contributes to the long-term security and value preservation of your property.

If you are unsure how to proceed, or need professional help with your drainage in Hisingen, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to offer tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs.

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