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Effective Drainage and Insulation for Properties in Kungälv

In Kungälv, drainage is a critical measure to protect all types of house foundations from the damage caused by moisture. No matter what type of foundation your property has, or the specific soil conditions on your plot, we have reliable methods to manage and solve moisture-related problems through carefully thought-out drainage and insulation.

Causes of moisture problems

Moisture problems can have many different causes, a significant part of which can be traced back to older building techniques and the use of unsuitable materials. These techniques often included the improper use of asphalt to seal foundation walls, which led to moisture becoming trapped in the wall structures. Such solutions, combined with internal insulation made of organic materials, effectively prevented the walls’ ability to dry out.

These older methods result in what we call inward moisture migration from the ground to the house foundation, which is often exacerbated in high moisture areas such as basements where showers, laundry rooms and saunas are located. This creates a humid climate that contributes to damage to the building.

The importance of house location and soil conditions

The location of the house in relation to its surroundings, as well as the nature of the soil, plays a decisive role in how much load the drainage system has to handle. Inadequate or defective drainage systems, combined with leaking stormwater pipes, are common problems that need effective solutions.

Complete Solution for Moisture Protection

To truly protect your property in Kungälv, you need a complete moisture protection system that includes drainage, thermal insulation and capillary break. This combination ensures that moisture migration is outward, from the foundation of the house to the ground, effectively minimizing the risk of moisture damage.

Do you need help with drainage in Kungälv? Contact us for expertise and solutions to keep your property dry and well protected year after year. We’re here to ensure your home is safe from the elements with state-of-the-art solutions tailored to your needs.

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Understanding Drainage System Functions for Effective Water Protection in Kungälv

For homeowners in Kungälv, it is essential to understand how drainage systems work to effectively protect properties from water damage. Our system is designed to manage and divert water safely, reducing the risk of moisture damage to both new and old buildings.

Basic components of drainage:

Our drainage systems include drainage pipes and drainage layers that are strategically placed under the floor and outside the foundation wall. These components are crucial to prevent groundwater levels from rising and directly affecting the house foundation. Outside the house, the drainage layer helps to divert sinking soil water, protecting the foundation wall from becoming damp.

The core of the system – the drainage column:

The drainage column consists of high-quality gravel, drainage pipes and a protective soil fiber cloth. The gravel, available in 8/11 or 11/16 sizes, is selected for its ability to effectively wick moisture and water away from the building. Drainage pipes transport this water to municipal connections, private cisterns or storm water drains, which ensure that the water is managed in an environmentally friendly and safe way.

Filtration and Maintenance:

It is also important that the drainage layer and pipes are protected by a soil fiber cloth that filters out soil particles and prevents them from clogging the system. This method makes flushing or regular cleaning of the drainage unnecessary. Backfilling is done with existing soils such as clay, sand and till, and larger stones are avoided so as not to damage insulation or drainage layers.

Capillary breaking insulation boards:

For additional protection against moisture, we use capillary breaking insulation boards that not only prevent water from reaching the foundation walls but also allow the walls to breathe and dry out, even if they are thermally insulated on the outside.

Choose Lorné Mark & Fastighetsservice AB in Kungälv: With our extensive experience and dedication to technological development, we offer only the most efficient and sustainable drainage solutions. Our methods and materials, such as Isodrän and Pordrän, ensure long-lasting protection and minimal maintenance.

Whatever the season, our team is ready to assist with all your drainage needs in Kungälv, with the exception of periods of extreme cold.

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Lorné Mark & Fastighetsservice AB utför en dränering & isolering av en bostadsrättsförening i Göteborg

Step-by-Step: Proper Drainage for Real Estate in Kungälv

Ensuring proper drainage is critical to protect your property’s foundation from water damage. In Kungälv, this process starts with carefully digging a trench around the house to a level adapted to the local soil conditions and the specific needs of the property.

The excavation process:

To maximize safety during the work, it is recommended to dig one side at a time. This approach reduces the risk of subsidence and is considered safer than digging around the whole house at once, although it can be more time-consuming. This method ensures that the support structure of the house foundation remains intact throughout the process.

Installation of the drainage system:

When the shaft is finished, a foundation of drainage gravel is laid in the shaft bottom. This layer of gravel is essential to effectively divert soil water and prevent water from rising to the house foundation. Perforated drainage pipes are then placed on top of the gravel bed, carefully adapted to the conditions of the property. These pipes play a crucial role in carrying water away from the building.

Water management:

The collected water is usually led to a nearby stormwater well or a specially constructed cistern. These systems are designed to manage and distribute excess water safely, protecting your property from potential water damage.

By following these steps, property owners in Kungälv can effectively protect their homes against the risks of excess water and moisture. If you need professional help with your drainage, don’t hesitate to contact local experts who can provide tailor-made solutions adapted to your unique conditions.

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