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We carry out over 100 drainage projects every year and have completed over 1000 drainage projects since 2009. Mainly in Gothenburg, but we also take on larger projects in Malmö. This makes us experts in drainage and insulation in both Gothenburg and Malmö.

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Drainage & Insulation

Effective drainage is essential for all types of house foundations, whether in Gothenburg or Malmö. Drainage must be tailored to the specific house foundation and the unique soil conditions of your plot. In both Gothenburg and Malmö, we have extensive experience in customizing drainage solutions that effectively deal with moisture problems, through well thought-out measures such as drainage & insulation. With the right methods, we can ensure that your home is protected against moisture, no matter where it is in the country. Lorné Mark & Fastighetsservice AB offers drainage and insulation in Gothenburg and Malmö.


The causes of moisture problems can vary. A large part is due to the old traditional construction and use of inappropriate materials, as well as the ignorance of the time in the field. Climate change also affects some properties more than others depending on their location.

The older design solutions based on moisture only coming from the basement foundation walls, which were then sealed with asphalt(this is completely wrong) had the consequence of enclosing the moisture in the walls, as even large amounts of moisture are supplied to the foundation walls and floors directly from the ground under the house. This practice, combined with insulating the walls from the inside with organic materials directly mounted on the outer wall, was very common in the past and prevented the walls from drying out.

The result is an inward migration of moisture from the ground to the building foundation. In addition, large amounts of moisture are generated in the basement, where showers, laundry rooms, saunas, etc. are often located. When all this moisture is added to dense and cold foundation walls, it is easy to understand that the basement climate becomes damp and that damage often occurs.

Of course, the location of the house in relation to its surroundings plays a major role, and the nature of the soil also determines the load on the drainage system.

Poor or non-functioning drainage combined with leaking stormwater pipes is a common problem.


A complete moisture protection MUST contain three very important properties. Drainage, thermal insulation and capillary break. This results in outward moisture migration from the house foundation to the ground.

Dränering i Göteborg pågår, utförd av Lorné Mark
Dräneringsrör, fiberduk och grus för dränering vid arbete i Malmö

The different functions of the drainage system

Drainage line; drainage layer under the floor and outside the foundation wall. The drainage pipe and the drainage layer under the floor have the purpose of preventing the groundwater level from rising to the house foundation. The drainage layer outside must prevent sinking groundwater from wetting the foundation wall

A so-called drainage column (drainage pipe, gravel wrapped in soil fiber cloth) consists of three main components:

Gravel (dimension 8/11 or 11/16) that effectively wicks away moisture and water. Drainage pipes that lead the drainage water to the municipal connection, the own stone coffin or, as in most cases, to a private stormwater well, which in turn is connected to the municipal pipeline. Soil fiber cloth to filter out sediments (soil particles) that would otherwise penetrate the capillary-sucking perforations of the drainage pipe and prevent soil water from being absorbed.

Both the drainage layer and the drainage pipes must therefore be protected by a filter (soil fiber cloth) that prevents soil particles from entering and causing clogging. No flushing or cleaning of the system is therefore necessary. Backfilling with existing soil masses such as clay, sand and moraine is also possible thanks to the filter. However, larger stones should not be backfilled into the drainage layer/insulation slabs.

Capillary breaking-Insulating boards

Water and moisture constantly present in the ground must not come into contact with the foundation walls. The drainage layer must therefore be capillary-breaking or supplemented with such a layer. The capillary breaking layer must not be vapor-tight, as it prevents the drying out of the foundation wall when it is thermally insulated from the outside. Today, there are appropriate materials that achieve the desired effect, in the form of specially designed insulation boards, which are placed against the house foundation and base plate.

Lorne´Mark & Fastighetsservie AB has extensive industry experience, and closely follows technological developments. We use professional methods and high-quality materials for the best results. This ensures a very long-lasting drainage system. Examples of the highest quality materials are Isodrän and Pordrän.

We work on drainage throughout the year, only stopping when there is severe prolonged cold resulting in deep frost in the ground.

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What to do in case of a drainage

To protect buildings from water damage, proper drainage is critical, especially in areas like Gothenburg and Malmö where the climate can be challenging. The drainage process starts by carefully digging a trench around the house, down to a level that is adapted to the specific needs of the house and the soil. To minimize risks during the work, it is safest to dig one side at a time. This is a more time-consuming method but increases safety by avoiding settlements around the whole house at once.

Once the excavation is complete, we lay a stable soil bed of drainage gravel at the bottom. On top of this, perforated drainage pipes are installed, designed to effectively divert soil water away from the building. These pipes are carefully positioned to ensure optimal performance, and we usually divert the water to a nearby stormwater well or to a specially constructed cistern.

Carrying out professional drainage is a must, not only to protect your property in cities like Gothenburg and Malmö where rain and moisture can be a recurring challenge, but to ensure the long-term sustainability and value of your home. Let us help you make sure your drainage is done correctly with precision and care.

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