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Drainage and Insulation in Mölndal

Drainage is essential for all types of house foundations in Mölndal. The specific design of the drainage depends on the type of house foundation the property is built on, as well as the local soil conditions. In Mölndal, there are effective methods to solve moisture problems in buildings through well-planned measures such as drainage and insulation.

Causes of moisture problems in Mölndal

Moisture problems can have many causes, many of which are related to older building methods that used inappropriate materials and lacked knowledge. Climate change also affects buildings in Mölndal in different ways depending on their specific locations. In the past, asphalt was often used to seal basement foundation walls, a method that actually trapped moisture in the walls instead of protecting them. This, combined with internal insulation with organic materials directly on external walls, prevented the walls’ ability to dry properly.

Consequences of poor drainage

The result of inadequate drainage is an inward migration of moisture from the ground to the house foundation, leading to high moisture levels in the basement. In Mölndal, where many dwellings include wet rooms such as showers and laundry rooms, this contributes to a humid climate in the basement and frequent occurrence of damage to the structure. The location of the house and the nature of the soil also play an important role in how well the drainage system works.

Solutions for efficient drainage in Mölndal

An effective solution to protect against moisture in Mölndal must include drainage, thermal insulation and capillary break. These three properties ensure that moisture is actively removed from the building foundation to the ground. To meet these needs, we in Mölndal offer customized drainage solutions that guarantee long-term protection and reduced risk of moisture damage.

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Features and benefits of drainage systems from Lorné Mark & Fastighetsservice AB in Mölndal

Basic functions of the drainage system:

In Mölndal, drainage is a critical component in protecting house foundations from water damage. The drain line, a drainage layer under the floor and outside the foundation wall, is designed to prevent groundwater levels from rising and damaging the house foundation. Outside the house, the drainage layer helps to divert sinking groundwater, protecting the foundation wall from getting soaked.

Drainage column construction:

Our system includes a drainage column, which consists of gravel wrapped in soil fiber cloth and drainage pipes. The gravel, with dimensions of 8/11 or 11/16, is effective in removing moisture and water from the house. The drainage pipes direct the water either to municipal connections, a private cistern, or most often to a stormwater well, which is connected to the Mölndal municipal pipeline system. The soil fiber cloth filters out sediment and protects the drainage pipes from clogging with soil particles.

Maintenance and backfilling:

Our system eliminates the need for flushing or cleaning thanks to efficient filters that prevent clogging. Backfilling with the existing soil masses such as clay, sand and till is possible, optimizing cost efficiency. However, larger stones should not be used when backfilling near the drainage layer or insulating slabs.

Capillary breaking insulation boards:

To further protect against moisture, we use capillary-breaking insulation boards that are not vapor-tight. This allows the foundation walls to dry out even after being thermally insulated on the outside, an important measure to preserve the structural integrity of the house in Mölndal. Only high-quality brands such as Isodrän and Pordrän are used by us.

Commitment to Quality:

Lorné Mark & Fastighetsservice AB is proud of our long experience and commitment to technological innovation in Mölndal. We only use high-quality materials such as Isodrän and Pordrän to ensure a drainage solution that lasts well into the future.

We are dedicated to working all year round, with the exception of periods of extreme cold leading to deep ground frost, to ensure that all properties in Mölndal are well protected against moisture-related damage.

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Step-by-Step Process for Drainage in Mölndal

Protecting the foundations of buildings from water damage requires careful and proper drainage, especially in Mölndal where local conditions can vary. The drainage process starts by digging a trench around the house down to a level that is adapted to the specific conditions of the property and the soil. To minimize the risks of subsidence problems, one side of the house is usually dug at a time. This is a time-consuming but safe method that is preferred to digging around the whole house at once.

Installation of Drainage System: Once the trench is completed, a bed of drainage gravel is laid at the bottom. This bed is important to effectively manage and divert soil water away from the house foundation. Perforated drainage pipes are then placed on top of the gravel. These pipes are carefully adapted to Mölndal’s specific soil conditions to ensure optimal performance. The water collected in the drainage pipes is usually led either to a nearby stormwater well or to a specially constructed cistern, depending on local drainage systems and requirements.

Benefits of Proper Drainage in Mölndal: By following these steps, homeowners in Mölndal can effectively protect their properties from potential water damage and the costly repairs that such damage can bring. Properly implemented drainage improves not only the lifespan of the house but also the indoor environment experienced by its inhabitants.

If you are in need of professional help with drainage in Mölndal, don’t hesitate to contact local experts who can offer customized solutions based on your specific needs and conditions.

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