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Professional Insulation and Drainage in Kungsbacka

Are you a homeowner in Kungsbacka? If so, you have probably already experienced several unexpected and often costly problems with your accommodation. Proactively draining your house is crucial to reduce the risk of moisture damage and flooding. By investing in early drainage, you can avoid high future costs. Let us take care of your basic insulation and drainage in Kungsbacka.

Why is drainage so important? Drainage is essential to effectively remove excess water from your property. Without proper drainage, water can accumulate and cause serious damage to your home. In Kungsbacka, it is recommended to drain around the foundation of the house to divert surface water and to dig trenches to manage groundwater. Drainage works are common not only in house building but also around roads and on plots where water pools.

Basic insulation for drainage

Carrying out basic insulation at the same time as drainage is a critical part of protecting the basement against moisture. It is important to always insulate basement walls from the outside. This helps to keep the basement wall warm and prevents condensation on the inside. For optimal protection, use capillary breaking insulation boards that not only allow water to drain downwards, but also improve drainage performance and provide robust protection against moisture.

Dagvattenrör, används för att leda bort dagvatten

Functions of the drainage system:

In Kungsbacka, effective drainage is crucial to protect the foundations of properties from water damage. Our system includes drainage pipes and drainage layers that are strategically placed both under the floor and outside the foundation wall. These layers prevent groundwater levels from rising and reaching the house foundation and block sinking groundwater from wetting the foundation wall.

Components of the drainage column:

Our drainage column consists of gravel wrapped in soil fiber cloth and high-quality drainage pipes. The gravel, available in dimensions 8/11 or 11/16, is optimal for effectively removing moisture and water from the property. The drainage pipes transport water to municipal connections, own stone coffins, or to stormwater wells, which are connected to the municipal pipe system in Kungsbacka. The soil fiber cloth filters out soil particles, protects the drainage pipes from clogging and improves the overall efficiency of the system.

Maintenance and backfilling:

Thanks to the ground fiber fabric, our drainage system in Kungsbacka requires minimal maintenance, with no need for regular flushing or cleaning. The system is designed to use existing soils such as clay, sand and till for backfilling, making the process cost-effective and environmentally friendly. However, larger stones should be avoided to protect the insulating slabs and the drainage layer from damage.

Capillary breaking insulation boards:

To further protect against moisture, our system includes capillary-breaking insulating boards that are placed against the house foundation and base plate. These boards are not vapor-tight, which allows the foundation wall to dry out even after being insulated on the outside.

Lorné Mark & Fastighetsservice AB’s expertise: With extensive industry experience and a constant follow-up of technical innovations, we in Kungsbacka guarantee drainage solutions of the highest quality. We use only the best materials, such as Isodrän and Pordrän, to ensure long-lasting drainage.

We work with drainage all year round in Kungsbacka, with breaks only in extreme cold leading to deep frost in the ground.

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Everything you need to know about basic insulation and drainage in Kungsbacka

In Kungsbacka, it is essential to have a well-designed drainage system for all types of house foundations, regardless of the substrate. Drainage is adapted to the specific soil conditions and property construction to effectively manage moisture problems. If you are experiencing dampness in your home, there are several methods to address these problems, the most common and effective being drainage and insulation.

Capillary breakage when installing drainage pipes It is important to replace all old drainage material, including the gravel, when laying new drainage pipes. The drainage gravel plays a crucial role as it is capillary breaking, effectively preventing groundwater from rising. Capillary action, or suction, can be illustrated by placing a narrow tube in water, where water will rise higher in the tube than in the surroundings.

Optimal placement of drainage pipes To ensure that drainage pipes are not clogged with soil or gravel, it is important to use non-woven fabric. The installation begins with the laying of the nonwoven fabric, followed by a layer of drainage gravel of 3 to 10 centimeters. Then the pipe is placed, covered with about 20 centimeters of drainage gravel and finally the non-woven fabric is rolled over. This ‘tube’ method prevents soil and dirt particles from clogging the pipes. After the pipes are in place and protected by gravel and non-woven fabric, the area on top is filled with a well-permeable material that is carefully compacted.

Drainage in the agricultural and golfing sectors in Kungsbacka Drainage techniques such as swales are common in agriculture and on sites such as golf courses in Kungsbacka, where they help to discreetly divert water away from areas that would otherwise be prone to water accumulation.

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