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Drainage and Insulation in Malmö

For properties in Malmö, drainage is a crucial measure to protect house foundations from moisture. Depending on the type of house foundation and the local soil conditions in Malmö, we tailor drainage solutions that effectively address moisture problems for all types of properties. Through carefully designed drainage and insulation methods, we ensure long-term durability and protection.

Common causes of moisture problems

Moisture problems in buildings can have several causes. Historic construction in Malmö and the use of inappropriate materials have often contributed to today’s challenges. Climate change exacerbates the problem, especially for properties in vulnerable locations. Traditional construction methods wrongly focused on sealing with asphalt to prevent moisture from penetrating from the basement foundation walls, resulting in moisture remaining in the walls. This was a common practice that effectively prevented the walls from being able to dry out properly.

Consequences of inadequate drainage

The result of inadequate drainage is an inward migration of moisture from the ground to the house foundation. High moisture levels in basements, where spaces such as laundry rooms and saunas are often located, contribute to a humid climate that easily leads to structural damage. The location of the house and the nature of the soil play a major role in how well the drainage needs to perform to handle these loads.

Solutions for Drainage in Malmö

An effective solution for moisture protection must include three critical components: drainage, thermal insulation, and capillary break. These measures create outward moisture migration from the building foundation to the ground, which is essential to keep properties in Malmö dry and damage-free. Whether for new construction or renovation, our expert team can design and implement drainage solutions that protect your property from moisture damage in the long term.

Lorné Mark & Fastighetsservice AB utför en dränering & isolering av en bostadsrättsförening i Göteborg

Features of Drainage Systems in Malmö

Drainage line and drainage layer:

For houses in Malmö, protecting foundation walls from rising groundwater is critical. The drain line placed under the floor and outside the foundation wall is essential. The drainage layer below the floor prevents the groundwater level from reaching the house foundation, while the layer outside diverts sinking groundwater to prevent the foundation wall from becoming soaked.

The drainage column:

An effective drainage column consists of drainage pipes, gravel and soil fiber cloth. Gravel in the dimensions 8/11 or 11/16 is essential to effectively wick away moisture and water. The drainage pipes transport water to either municipal connections, a private cistern, or most often to a private stormwater well, which in turn is connected to the municipal pipeline system in Malmö. The soil fiber cloth filters out sediment and protects the capillary-sucking perforations of the pipe from clogging.

Protective measures:

To ensure the functioning of the system and avoid clogging, both the drainage layer and the drainage pipes are protected by a soil fiber cloth that prevents soil particles from entering. This reduces the need for flushing or cleaning the drainage system. Backfilling with existing soils such as clay, sand and till will be possible thanks to this filter, while larger stones should be avoided when backfilling the drainage layer.

Capillary breaking insulation boards:

Water and moisture in the ground around Malmö must not come into contact with the foundation walls of the house. The capillary-breaking drainage layer, often supplemented by specially designed insulation boards, prevents this. These boards are not vapor-tight, which allows drying out of the foundation wall when it is thermally insulated on the outside. We use only the highest quality materials such as Isodrän and Pordrän.

Lorné Mark & Fastighetsservice AB:

With extensive experience in the industry and a close monitoring of technological advances, we guarantee the highest quality drainage services in Malmö. We use only the best materials such as Isodrän and Pordrän to ensure long-lasting drainage.

We are active all year round and only pause our work during periods of severe and prolonged cold leading to deep ground frost.

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Lorné Mark & Fastighetsservice AB utför en dränering & isolering av en bostadsrättsförening i Göteborg

How to perform drainage in Malmö to protect the foundation of buildings

In Malmö, proper drainage is crucial to protect the foundations of buildings from water damage. The drainage process starts by carefully digging a trench around the house down to a suitable level to reduce the risk of subsidence. To increase safety during the work, it is common to dig only one side of the house at a time, which is a safety measure that is more time-consuming but considered safer than digging around the whole house at once.

A bed of drainage gravel is placed at the bottom of the excavated shaft. This is a critical step that ensures that the soil water can be effectively diverted away from the house foundation. Perforated drainage pipes are laid on top of the gravel, carefully adapted to the unique conditions of the property. These pipes are crucial to ensure that all groundwater is efficiently routed, either to a nearby stormwater well or to a specially constructed cistern, depending on the local infrastructure in Malmö.

This method ensures that buildings in Malmö are safe from the damage that can be caused by moisture and water ingress, making the process of drainage a critical component of building maintenance.

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