Recovery from drainage in Hisingen

Lorné Drainage performs drainage, insulation and restoration on Hisingen

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Lorné Dränering, a reputable company in the field of land and civil engineering, has recently completed an extensive drainage project in Hisingen. In conjunction with this work, the company has also carried out a thorough restoration of the area to ensure that it is not only protected from future water damage but also aesthetically enhanced.

The project started with a thorough investigation of the soil conditions in the area, which is critical to identify potential risks and ensure a long-term solution to the moisture problems. The drainage work was extensive and involved the installation of new drainage pipes and inspection chambers that effectively divert water away from the foundations of the buildings and prevent the occurrence of moisture damage.

After the drainage work was completed, Lorné Drainage took care of the restoration of the area. This work is as important as the drainage itself, as it ensures that properties and natural terrain are returned to their original condition, or in some cases, improved. The restoration process included backfilling of excavated areas with soil, establishment of grass and planting of plants to recreate a natural and sustainable environment.

A particularly aesthetic aspect of the restoration was the paving. Lorné Drainage used high-quality stone to lay new walkways and patios, which not only improves the appearance of the area but also contributes to its functionality. The paving is designed to complement the surrounding environment and create sustainable, beautiful and practical outdoor spaces for the residents of Hisingen to enjoy.

Through this work, Lorné Drainage has once again demonstrated its ability not only to solve technical problems but also to beautify and improve the areas they work in. For Hisingen, this means a reliable solution to the drainage problem, as well as a boost to the area’s aesthetic and practical value.

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